The money made of metal are things we usually call coins. It was first discovered around the 6th century.

At that time coins were made from 75% gold and 25% silver and began to become one of the means of payment other than by means of barter where the goods were exchanged with another item that had the same exchange rate as mutual agreement.

In the 19th century the first coin was named “TALER” in eastern Europe. By moving places it changes also in pronunciation until finally it is called “DOLLAR”.

Actually “TALER” was developed in the European continent. But as civilization progressed, many countries began to make their own and introduced their money as a form of independent state.

How is the money created from paper money? Well … Maybe we will discuss it later. Because now we are talking about coins not paper

In the era of modern civilization, as now more sophisticated technology is added, coins change shape to digital or perhaps the world of technology has created a coin worth millions or even billions of prices.

The digital world is beginning to create assets that are far beyond gold and silver which are the beginning of the creation of goods payment instruments.

And who are they ??? Surely you are already familiar with something called digital coins, digital assets, virtual coins, and so on.

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