Wallet in Pocket

A wallet is a small bag that can be inserted into our pants pocket. Serves to deviate money, valuable cards, securities and photos of loved ones.

The wallet model itself is diverse, starting from the shape or decoration which shows that the walletbelongs to a man or woman.

The wallet was first discovered around the 17th century after the existence of paper money as a companion for coins.
Before the creation of a wallet most people still keep their money in a bag of cloth tied to the waist using a rope or hanging on their shoulders like a bag.

However, due to security reasons from pickpockets or robberies, start with a rectangular wallet added with a hidden section in it and fit it to store it in a trouser pocket or skirt in women.

The use of this wallet continues to grow and becomes “a name” for anything that can store or secure money and valuables.

No matter how big or small the size is, even in this new era we often hear women’s wallets in the form of bags but still called wallets 😀

The name of a wallet is used in many electronic money service companies, including famous giant companies like Paypal,Perfect Money, Amazon etc.

They serve domestic and foreign payments with a sophisticated and guaranteed security system to be able to invite almost all corners of the world to use their services.

In coin or blockchain crypto technology it also has a storage area for assets from its currency. The unique thing about this digital system is that the wallet used must be different and has its own characteristics.

Weaknesses in their use cannot change currency or type directly from coin A to coin B, there must always be a mediator or exchanger to exchange them.

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