How to Convert Your Coins ???

There are many ways to convert currency prices in the world, both physical and virtual. Some of the famous ones are, and many others. Some of them have only provided tools to calculate the comparative price of A to B.

But there are also those who provide services for currency exchange as sales or payments or exchanges as a digital asset that you want to own.
Here we will review a few site companies that provide access to the service for free or with several regulations.

  • XE.COM is the most popular website visited to convert between usd to bitcoin or the like. Not only bitcoin, they also provide a tool to convert prices between bitcoins to other countries’ prices as well as the current price of bitcoin.


They are present not only for the sake of exchanging the price of coins but also containing news related to coins, market prices and market analysis in the news they publish.


They come with their own uniqueness. The custom of virtual currency converter websites only provides tools for virtual currencies. But this one website isn’t. They added not from news or reviews, but they added tools to convert other media such as distance, weight, temperature and time.


Coinmill provides services to convert all world currencies between countries. They also provide tools to convert virtual currency prices to physical currency prices in each country. Interestingly, they can convert from currencies A to A, B, C, 1,2,3. Confused ??

For example
USD to IDR or to BTC or to XRP or to GBP or etc …
There are so many currencies that you can convert there.


Here you can use the currency converter tool very easily and simply. You only need to enter the number of currencies and choose which currency you want to convert and select the currency for the results after converting. They also have historical records of the ups and downs of the currency you are looking for. From a few months ago until now.

But remember friends, this is their website not to exchange money but to convert currency prices. If you want to exchange a number of bitcoins for example, it’s a good idea to go straight to the money or crypto exchange website.

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