EZYcount from NXT Blockchain.

EZYcount token is engaged in account management. To unify many accounts in one account that is dynamic, easy to use and save time.

They also support strong data ownership laws that are able to protect individuals and ensure they have ownership of their data.
Accounting can be completed automatically by EZYcount AI.

Connecting to the payment system, online shopping websites, and the banking system allows AI to complete tasks automatically without requiring hours to manually.

Purchase requests are made automatically and complete transaction details are available in a few clicks, and following data analysis, EZYcount AI is able to provide tips to improve financial stability

Decentralization ensures we will have full ownership of our data and can decide how to use it

EZYcount’s business model is based on an innovative licensing model: EZYcount Token as a License. The EZYcount token represents a lifetime software license for the EZYcount solution.

They will launch accounting on the blockchain and ensure accounting data can be comprehensive and personal, but are available everywhere in the application. In addition, various new business applications will be connected to the EZYcount chain that provides business data access that ensures jobs are much easier.


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