Types Of Faucets

So many bitcoin faucet websites or other crypto faucet websites on the internet for free that you can exchange with real currency. You can search for it easily via google search. Starting from payments that go directly to your hard wallet or even the wallet that you make in the account of one of the digital currency exchange websites.

Their types also vary. They give you rewards ranging from the smallest 1 satoshi or 0.00000001 in bitcoin to 10000 satoshi. You only need to register a new account on their website and do some tasks to get the reward they promised and collect it until you reach the withdrawal limit for you to send to your wallet. And all of them are  FREE !!!

There are several types of bitcoin faucets or other cripto type faucets.

PTC Faucet

They offer rewards with high rates and commissions from referral revenue that registers from our account link. The task of this faucet is that you must click on the rotation of the website ad and visit it one by one. In addition you can also get rewards from completing a game that is offered, plus there is a daily bonus if you regularly visit the website every day. Minimum payments from websites like this usually require 2 to 10 usd in our balance. You can visit it here.

Free Faucet Roll

You must register your e-mail and crypto wallet. You can only roll claim 1 hour and for those who have collected enough to try dice or high-low games. But I strongly suggest that you are not focused on the dice game because if you lose it might drain all your balance and your struggle to collect coins will be lost in vain. Minimum payment is usually 5 usd. You can visit it here.

Mining Faucet

This is an easy way to get free coins. You don’t need to register, just enter your wallet ID, keep windows open and just wait for the website to give you free coins. But there is a balance limit so we get payment from the website like this but it’s small, only about 50 to 100 satoshi. You can visit it here.

Auto Faucet

And the last is the easiest. There is no balance limit in the payment process or the reward you will receive. They have given a choice with which type of coin you will receive and how much time you want to get paid. I think this is very light even though the rate in the reward includes a little but this method is the easiest way and is perfect for you who are a lot of activities but still want to collect crypto coins. You can visit it here.

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