Am I dreaming?

The Iranian government announced its cryptocurrency mining and this caused the sudden price of bitcoin to rise dramatically in the local market. Bitcoin prices reach four times compared to the global market.

Wow fantastic prices. Even though this is due to several factors that affect the price of bitcoin soaring there. Currency inflation is reported which massively encourages many parties to divert their assets into bitcoin.

The government’s policy on bitcoin has an effect on the rise and fall of the value of bitcoin. However, this condition does not significantly affect global prices. Prices that had jumped to USD 26,000 began to gradually drop to USD 21,000.

Until now the price of bitcoin globally still ranges from 6100 to 6500 USD in almost all virtual currency exchange markets. Most of the bitcoin asset holders in the world expect the price of bitcoin in the global market to strengthen.

This situation is a sign that there is still hope that bitcoin will be legally accepted throughout the world. There needs to be legality from governments around the world about that. As to protect investors and customers who use them.

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