One Year Iam

Today maybe even one year I started to learn more about the crypto world. If you look at a glance then, it is imagined from some crypto ico whether it’s based on coins or tokens that most of the past were like ponzi schemes and from that I started to be interested.
Why, so many basic companies are like this, but many also participate even though they know it can make them lose. Hypocrisy indeed if I say they are losing, because many news media say they can get rich suddenly. Those who have small capital but can profit a mountain of gold. Just imagine if it happened to me maybe I would never write things like this.
But that’s not the main problem. As a developer, aren’t they smart and experts in making mutually beneficial services ?? Participants who indirectly act as investors from their products have been convinced and entrust their money to the services that are being and will be done by the developer. Why did they finally run away because of the slumping coin market. They like no matter what project they are building. They have eliminated the public interest in digital financial services.
For example, BItconnect announced “We close the lending operation immediately with the release of all extraordinary loans,” the statement said. “By repaying all your active loans in the loan wallet we transfer all your wallet’s loan balance to the balance of your BitConnect wallet at 363.62 USD.” What the f … at all. They are not the only ones, at least they are the most popular and they too who once announced things that investors feared.
Then slowly but surely the crypto market began to recede marked by bitcoin prices which dropped sharply causing investors and ordinary people to be reluctant to invest their funds in crypto.
My concern here is why the government refused crypto? Are they afraid of more popular crypto than their bank? Isn’t it before the people buy digital coins that there must also be a process of sending money from one of the banks concerned? Too many of my questions have not been answered until now.
If digital finance and banks can be mutually beneficial, why isn’t crypto canceled? So there should be no bankruptcy everywhere. Well, that’s all I can understand from my superficial understanding of this problem.

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