Crypto industry finally began to enter among some of the smartest people in the economic field. Nobel laureates roll over to the novice industry, because more new blockchain companies see value associated with economists who have top notch.

Three startups, the governance design company “Prysm Group” and the blockchain research company “Cryptic Labs” and most recently “Game Covee Network” that focus on theory, are all mentioned by Bloomberg as an example of a new company that has captured economists who are highly respected advisors they.

The Prysm Group, which eventually also has a number of Ph.D. level economists. associated with it. Also included is the 2016 Nobel Prize winner Oliver Hart from Harvard University. This company that focuses on governance has been considered the first blockchain-related research initiative to bridge computer science, economics and business.

Cryptic Labs has inaugurated two Nobel Laureates in Economics Eric S. Maskin and Sir Christopher Pissarides. We still don’t know enough about the good and the bad to then recommend a broad market transition from all of our transaction records to the blockchain, “Pissarides said.

Alvin Roth, one of the recipients of the Nobel Prize in economics in 2012, has also joined Covee Network. The team’s dedication to the application of game theory is the reason that encourages it to contribute actively. “They embrace game theory as a way to encourage participation,” Roth said.

Marcel Dietsch of CEO Covee Network also said that the interest shown by some of these great thinkers “shows that the blockchain sector is growing”.

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