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List of Bitcoin ad networks (BitcoinAdvertsing)

There are many ways to monetize your faucets and crypto sites. You can find many Advertising Networks on the internet but some of them are a scam or low paying and some have the bad counting of views and impression. So I decided to make a list of Best Advertising Network. And some of Ads networks won’t accept faucet sites. Only a few of them accept faucets. To provide high rewards to visitors faucet owners need to monetize your faucet in a better way. So this is some Best Advertising Networks for Faucets. BitcoinAdvertsing.

Advertising Networks accepts/paying  Bitcoin

Anonymous (Trusted)

Probably the oldest bitcoin ad network which still running.CPM based, pays for per unique impression daily. Maximum 3 ads are allowed on one page. They count 1 unique impression in a day.

Minimum withdrawal by micro payment : 0.00000001BTC (no withdrawal fee)

Cons: Low rates

BitcoAdz– (Trusted)

New and trusted bitcoin ad network.  Best for both Advertiser and Publishers. Count only unique views. I received payment. Risk, But they are bit slow in proceeding payment.

Publishers need to get approval for each website.

Minimum Withdrawl: 0.004 BTC Payment Method is Bitcoin

Cons: High rates for sites with huge traffic. Slow in sending withdrawal.

Coinverti– or Coinverti

You can start the campaign with a very low amount of 0.001 BTC. CPC and CPM will be 0.12$ and 0.1$ respectively.  Currently CPM, CPC, CPA, Banner, Pop ads and Native ads model accepted. They support back up code ads if ads are empty.

Minimum withdrawal: 0.001 BTC Payment method: Bitcoin

Popunder- (Trusted)

Popunder is the popup ads network. They have popunder, pop tab, click under the format of ads. Current CPM I am getting is 0.8$. They have adult ads too, you can enable and disable adult ads.

Minimum Withdrawl: 20$ for PayPal, BTC & ETH 75$, Webmoney and Yandex 2$.

Minimum Withdrawal: 0.004 BTC

BitMedia– (Trusted)

This network display both text and banner ads,  is CPM & PPC system they have very strict approval criteria. High CPM.

Minimum withdrawal: 0.01 BTC

Publishers need to get approval for each website.

CoinMedia– (Trusted)

This is one of my favorite ad networks, this network has a good CPM ratio and letting you decide how it will be bid if someone wants to advertise on your page. Maximum 5 ads are allowed on one page. You can earn easily 10K satoshi daily.

Minimum withdrawal: 0.004 BTC, 0.0003 BTC withdrawal fee. Usually, they delay up to 3 days to release the withdrawal.

Publishers need to get approval for each website.

Cons: There are complain against them for no payment.

Mellow Ads– (Trusted)

One of the best bitcoin advertising network. Every faucet owners want to get approve his/her faucet on the mellowads network, but they will approve your faucet if your faucet’s Alexa ranking is under 1,00,000. They have CPC, CPM, PPD system. Also, they providing popups ads (new feature added).

Minimum withdrawal: 0.001(fee up to 0.0005).

Publishers need to get approval for each website.

Cons: Not accepting common sites. if you have unique design and model then only apply. (Trusted)

Coinzilla is new Bitcoin Ad network, CPM & PPC based. They have good rates for pop-under ads. They are not accepting default faucet scripts. In my opinion, will best alternative of

Minimum withdraw: 0.001 BTC with 0.0001 BTC withdrawal fee.

Publishers need to get approval for each website.

Cons: Not accepting common sites. if you have unique design and model then only apply

AdHitz– (Trusted but low rates) 

Ads will appear only in the CPC method. Maximum CPC rate is 0.20$ and minimum is 0.03$. They accept all types of sites. No need to wait for verification. Add your site and paste the code.

Minimum withdrawal: 25$ Payment method: BTC, LTC, Doge, and Payoneer)

Cons: Using 3rd party ads. Not counting IMP and Clicks properly.

Pays Using Other Payment Method (Most Trusted)

This is best popunder,popup,tab under,tab up,for faucets.Also, their rates are high as compared to other pop ads network. They approve your site manually, almost it takes 24 hours to approve your site.

Minimum Withdrawal: 5$ PayPal & payza, 20$ for Payoneer

PopCash is also one of the oldest and trusted ad network. Payments will be sent within 24 hours during working hours.

Minimum Withdrawal: 10$ PayPal (2% fee) & 10$ for Paxum, Skrill, WebMoneyney (1% fee) and 50% for payoneer.


Propellerads has a high low CPM and good support service. But they have the high minimum withdrawal of 100$. I am using propeller ads and have seemed average of 0.20$ CPM.

Bidvertiser– (Tested)
You will get approval instantly, it’s easy to use, you need high views to earn the good amount. They have Popup, Banner, Text ads with CPM and CPC methods

Minimum Withdrawal: 10$ PayPal ,10$ payza

Scam and Non-Active Advertising Networks


If you are finding minimum payout ad network then CPX24 is best for you.CPX24 is popup based network. They proceed payment between 24 to 72 hour.

Minimum Payout: 0.50$  paypal, Bitcoin, Payza(1.00$)


New and promising ad network.with low CPM near 0.08$.Give it to try. SCAM


Doesn’t have many details.

Bitvertise- Scam

They have text and banner both ads, This network based on CPM and CPC, you can add maximum ads per page 3. They gave 75$ free for every new registered user Ad advertising credit, for using this credit you need to add 25$.

Minimum withdrawal: 5$ in BTC

Adbit – (TESTED) (Scam)

A one of the best Bitcoin Ad Network for your faucet, they have “pay per day system”.You can make good money from this network. Minimum payout is 0.0025BTC but they have 0.0002 BTC withdrawal fee; that means you total 0.0027 BTC in your account to make withdraw.

Minimum Withdrawal: 0.0027 BTC (including withdrawal fee)

Bitraffic– (SCAM, Not replying of messages) (Deleted account)

Brand new Bitcoin ad network site. They allowed CPM & CPC with multiple banner formats. Keyword targeting advertising. This is the only ad network which accepts more than 28 CryptoCurrency as payment and Paypal too.

AdZone- (Tested) (SCAM, site gone.)

New Ad network with High CPM for Banner and POP Ads. Withdrawal methods are direct to BTC wallet and Faucethub.

Minimum Withdrawal: 10 USD

ChainAds– advertisers so no payments) (SCAM, No payment)

CPM, CPC and POP ads model are accepted. Deposit 500$ and get 50% bonus for advertisers. They accept faucets too only if you have a good quality of visitors. Publishers have to wait for verification. They have some issues with payment since Dec 2018. (No advertisers so no payments)

The website is very easy to use. They allowed CPC ads only. They have an attractive referral program, 20% from advertisers and publishers.

Minimum Withdrawal: 50$ Payment method: Bitcoin and PayPal.

Publishers need to get approval for each website.

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